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The Flash métakaolin market

Demeter Technologies wishes to inform businesses of the opportunity of the creation of industrial production units for the pozzolanic binder- metakaolin, which can be used in all fields of construction.

Flash calcination technology, developed by Demeter Technologies, allows local businesses, for a manageable investment, the opportunity to become a major player in the production of hydraulic binders.

Following the agreement of the installation of an industrial metakaolin production unit, the technology transfer between Demeter Technologies and the business is implemented.
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Flash metakaolin presents a genuine, economically and ecologically viable solution.
The interest shown in the Flash calcination process developed by Demeter Technologies, by those in social, economic and environmental fields, who are interested in sustainable development, has been documented in internal studies and recognised by university research.

Sourcing raw materials

Flash calcination technology is able to make use of waste or surplus clay soil as well as naturally sourced clay soils (through natural processes, excavations..)
The Flash process also allows the use of unused by-products. Through this process these by-products are also contributing to the balance and reduction of the consumption of natural resources.

Social and economic optimisation

The process of Flash calcination, through its compact nature and its low level of pollution, allows us to set up installations in the immediate proximity of extraction sites or near to places where the product is used or distributed. Consequently, it allows the supply/demand ratio to be optimised, and for deliveries to be secure and economical.

Flash calcination offers moderate energy consumption, around 2.5 times less than the traditional clay calcination method. This characteristic leads to a very competitive cost price. The price positioning of metakaolin produced by Demeter Technologies is therefore altered and becomes very competitive in the market of hydraulic bindings.

The emission of polluting and greenhouse gases generated by the Flash calcination process is minimal. It is zero for the transformation of the raw product. The process also generates a low level of visual and sound pollution on its surrounding environment.
The personnel who work on the metakaolin production site may be hired from the local population, and work in safe and healthy working conditions.

The metakaolin itself

The advantages of Flash metakaolin over traditional metakaolin can be summed up as follows :
The metakaolin’s activity index is greater than or equal to 1 with a high rate of substitution without the use of additives.
The activity index is the relationship between the resistance in MPa of a mortar containing 100% cement and a mortar containing a proportion of metakaolin as a substitute for cement (up to 30%, or even more depending on the required objectives and the characteristics of the bindings used).
The water demand of  Flash metakaolin is much lower than that of traditional metakaolin in particular in high doses (25% substitution of cement).
> See the comparison curves of metakaolins
Less energy is necessary for the production of Flash metakaolin than for the traditional method.

The usual qualities of classic metakaolin in concrete are also found with the Flash metakaolin produced by Demeter Technologies :
An improvement in durability,
A slower hardening which limits shrinkage and cracking,
Resistance to gel and to chemical attack,
Reduction of efflorescence,
Improvements in surface quality,
Use as a superfine finish,
An easier implementation of products...

The possibility of increasing the dosage, thanks to the low water uptake of Flash metakaolin allows us to maximise the use of these properties.

The increased industrial activity generated, makes a significant contribution to the wider economic life of the country :

The Flash calcination process facilitates the conception, the construction and commercialisation of industrial materials of a “manageable size”, and adapted to various situations,
Dissemination of know-how of the processes and products of Demeter Technologies,
The process of Flash calcination uses natural resources,
Flash technology contributes to the creation of new jobs,
An incentive for the creation of local services and industries is provided.

Protection of the environment

The ecological footprint of Flash calcination is minimal, thanks to the optimisation of the consumption of raw materials and the absence of harmful waste products,
The process of Flash calcination contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,
The energy consumption of Flash calcination is low,
Flash calcination reduces the impact of the process, as much on the landscape as on the level of noise pollution and on the emission of waste materials and gases,
The life-cycle of the Flash calcination process is encouraging in terms of its environmental impact.

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