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Flash calcination
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The Flash métakaolin market

Demeter Technologies wishes to inform businesses of the opportunity of the creation of industrial production units for the pozzolanic binder- metakaolin, which can be used in all fields of construction.

Flash calcination technology, developed by Demeter Technologies, allows local businesses, for a manageable investment, the opportunity to become a major player in the production of hydraulic binders.

Following the agreement of the installation of an industrial metakaolin production unit, the technology transfer between Demeter Technologies and the business is implemented.
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Flash technology allows us to produce a highly reactive substance with a significantly lower than that of the traditional method. Its most natural field of usage is in the production of concrete, in which the use of Flash metakaolin leads to the improvement in the mechanical performances, as well as in the durability of the product. Its association with other reactive substances, such as lime or silicates opens up other high volume markets.

Concrete applications

Flash metakaolin developed by Demeter Technologies can technically be used in all concretes, whether they are prefabricated or ready to use. Experience shows that the usual rate of substitution is around 20 to 25% of the quantity of cement. The accessible market for concrete is therefore around 20% of the quantities of cement consumed, depending on the regulations in any given country.
The Flash metakaolin is also used as a complement to cement in the production of high or very high performance concrete. In this area, it substitutes the more usual use of ultrafine powders, offering a far more competitive price and a better consistency.

Road applications

Techniques of treating the ground by incorporating hydraulic bindings in to the existing ground are being widely developed around the world for economic and environmental reasons. It should therefore be noted that these techniques vary widely according to the country using them. The use of metakaolin with added lime (and/or cement) enables the creation of an asphalt binder which can substitute a cement binder, at a competitive price.

Other applications

Metakaolins are also used in other areas. The list below is not exhaustive, given that the introduction of Flash metakaolin to the market is relatively recent :
The stabilization of ash produced from the incineration of waste,
Use of Flash metakaolin as a binder in the production of animal feed,
Use of Flash metakaolin as a mineral filler in various industrial applications (paint, rubber, sealant, plastics etc.),
Use of Flash metakaolin for absorption of water from industrial sludge,
The production of renders with a metakaolin base for use in construction,
Flash metakaolin as a basic ingredient for geopolymer concrete.

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