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Flash calcination
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The Flash métakaolin market

Demeter Technologies wishes to inform businesses of the opportunity of the creation of industrial production units for the pozzolanic binder- metakaolin, which can be used in all fields of construction.

Flash calcination technology, developed by Demeter Technologies, allows local businesses, for a manageable investment, the opportunity to become a major player in the production of hydraulic binders.

Following the agreement of the installation of an industrial metakaolin production unit, the technology transfer between Demeter Technologies and the business is implemented.
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Demeter Technologies has developed a “flash” process in order to improve the calcination of clay. The main advantages of this process are: it uses minimal energy in a process which allows for the recycling of many of the calories necessary for the dehydroxylation and treatment of the material, and gives a high level of reactivity to the end product.
The comparative study of identical products having undergone the flash process in a controlled environment also shows evidence of other properties such as a lower water uptake of
“flash” processed products.

An innovative procedure

The “flash” calcination technology developed by Demeter Technologies enables the cost of metakaolin production to be reduced, and in so doing to multiply the areas where it can be applied, thus providing a new development opportunity for this material.









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