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Demeter Technologies wishes to inform businesses of the opportunity of the creation of industrial production units for the pozzolanic binder- metakaolin, which can be used in all fields of construction.

Flash calcination technology, developed by Demeter Technologies, allows local businesses, for a manageable investment, the opportunity to become a major player in the production of hydraulic binders.

Following the agreement of the installation of an industrial metakaolin production unit, the technology transfer between Demeter Technologies and the business is implemented.
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Created in 1999, Demeter Technologies has been working over the past 10 years to develop an original clay calcination process which enables us to produce metakaolins in an economical and efficient way.
It has also worked on applications of this product, which can be used in the production of asphalt binders, acting as a substitute for cement in concrete and for many other applications, thanks to its pozzolanic qualities.

Sustainable solutions

The use of hydraulic binders is necessary in the building industry, in works of art and prefabrication, and often in road construction and maintenance.
These binders are now subject to rigid environmental demands :
consumption of primary materials,
energy consumption,
the impact of potential waste materials, in particular on the atmosphere : air, water, noise pollution…
maximising life-cycle (production, transport, development, lifespan),
complete satisfaction of the client, in particular regarding working conditions,  standardisation and quality.

An alternative of readily available, technically efficient, economically viable and environmentally sound hydraulic binders, is therefore of great benefit in this process.

Demeter Technologies would like to inform business people about the opportunity of creating industrial units which produce a pozzolanic binder- metakaolin, which can be used in all fields of construction.
The technology of Flash calcination developed by Demeter Technologies allows entrepreneurs in this field to get involved in the business of the production of hydraulic binders.

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