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The métakaolin
Concrete applications
Asphalt binders
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Demeter Technologies wishes to inform businesses of the opportunity of the creation of industrial production units for the pozzolanic binder- metakaolin, which can be used in all fields of construction.

Flash calcination technology, developed by Demeter Technologies, allows local businesses, for a manageable investment, the opportunity to become a major player in the production of hydraulic binders.

Following the agreement of the installation of an industrial metakaolin production unit, the technology transfer between Demeter Technologies and the business is implemented.
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Metakaolins are also used in other areas of application. Despite the relatively recent arrival on the market of Flash metakaolin, its technical, ecological and economic advantages are already leading us to foresee its use in a variety of applications.

The list below is not exhaustive :
Flash metakaolin as a mineral filler in various industrial applications (paints, rubber, render, plastics etc.),
Flash metakaolin for absorption of water for certain industrial sludges,
use of Flash metakaolin as a base for the production of geopolymer products,
render/plaster made using "cement free" Flash metakaolin for old buildings.




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