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The Fumel site, which began production in September 2006, is the first industrial production unit of Flash metakaolin of Demeter Technologies.

All the information concerning the Fumel production unit are available on the page Productions units.


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Once the installation of an industrial production unit for pozzolanic binders (metakaolin) has been agreed, the transfer of technologies between Demeter Technologies and the contractor is made up of the 4 stages below.

Stage 1
The sending of a clay sample to be analysed
Testing of the clay by Demeter Technologies
Report on the analysis, move on to stage 2 if positive

Stage 2
Completion of a pilot Flash calcination
Characterisation of the end product

Stage 3
Industrial calcination : possibility of producing 50 to 100 tonnes of Flash metakaolin from the clay provided
Industrial validation
Financial study

Stage 4
Delivery and installation of Flash metakaolin production unit
Technology transfer

The industrial unit

The installation of an industrial, pozzolanic binder production unit includes the following processes :
Breaking up of soil
Breaking down/drying/separating clay and sand
Back-up boiler
Pneumatic conveying system
Storage in silo of calcinated products for delivery
Blending for more sophisticated products
Electric installation

The financial study

Within the framework of the transfer of technology, Demeter Technologies can provide elements regarding their experience on the site at Fumel in order for the contractor to study the figures regarding the profitability of the investment.

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